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What Types of Life Issues Do We Work With?

Depression, Anxiety, Grief, Loss, Trauma, Relationship Difficulties, Life Events, Transitions, Eating Disorders, Family Patterns, Survivors of Physical and Sexual Abuse, Mental Health Support, and All the Many Ways of Coping

People Who are Interested in Personal Growth, Professional Development and Growth, Career Change, Looking For More Fulfillment in Their Life,  Creative Recovery, and Wanting to Pursue Their Dreams

What Hours Can I Make An Appointment?

Online & Telephone Sessions Can be Booked on Weekdays and Evenings Mon through Thurs from 9am to 9pm depending on availability
&  Fri Days 9am to 5pm depending on availablily.

How Many Sessions?

You Choose.

Whether for time-to-time support, coping with a life event, or for regular therapy sessions. We are here.

How Often?

We see people on weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and occasional basis. 

The frequency depends on what works best for you. We usually reccommend a higher frequency to begin - then as the process continues - you can switch to a lower frequency or as needed - depending on our availbility at the time.

What is Relational Gestalt Psychotherapy?

The Gestalt approach to therapy is experiential, relates to the present moment, and is about creating choice through awareness.

The client-therapist relationship is an important part the process in illuminating the "how" you are doing in the "now" of your life.

What Happens in a Session?

The primary way we work with clients is through dialogue and the therapeutic relationship.

And the direction we take really depends on what you are looking for or want to work on in the session.

The beauty of relational gestalt therapy is many different types of psychotherapeutic exploration can be used depending on what you want to explore and your preferences. As Psychotherapy Professionals, we create a therapy plan - and work with what emerges.

Depending on your preference and level of comfort, other explorations could include - body and sensory awareness, artistic exploration, creative expression, movement, family work, mindfulness, dreamwork, enactment, psycho-education, challenge and support for change.

How Do I Know If You Are The Right Therapist For Me?

Choosing A Therapist Can Be Hard. 

We have a 15 - 20 minute private and confidential intake phonecall.

The Intake Process Allows Both Of Us the opportunity to see if we may be a good fit in working together. 

You Can Then Decide If You Would Like To Book An Appointment.

What is the Relationship of James and Stacey?

We are Married Partners Co-Creating a Life to Fulfill Our Own and Our Shared Dreams ~  With Support and Difference - Together.

Have a Different Question?

Take a Moment to Send Your Question To James or Stacey

Online & Telephone

Anywhere You Are

In Ontario, Canada

In a remote area in Ontario?
No problem.
We can have a virtual online session.

No internet?
No problem.
Let's have a phone session.

Wearne Therapy is a Positive Space. We Welcome All.